Children’s Choir

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Registration begins July 1st at noon and will remain open…


The first Director’s meeting for the Awake21 Children’s Choir (CC), hosted by Grant Story, Worship Director for Broadway Baptist Church, was powerful and very productive.

Pastor Ben Ward, from Springview Baptist opened the meeting in prayer, sitting in for his wife, newly appointed Director, Rachel Ward.


Soon afterward, the sweet Holy Spirit began revealing a plan of action… registration for the Children’s Choir (K-6th Grade) will begin July 1st on AWAKE21.COM“Living Lights “Groundwork was laid, not only for the formation of a Children’s Choir, but also for the birthing of a drama team, or timbral and dance team, to be called Living Lights, led by yet another newly appointed Director, Nancy Moser, from RIO TOWNSEND.“

Special Prep Meeting”

There is a prep meeting scheduled for July 12th 6PM at Broadway Baptist for Directors and volunteers from across the region. Come and be a part of the unity and commanded blessing for our children.”Go tell sum-body!”

“Worship Adventure”

With the help of Director Joshua Duke, East Maryville Baptist, and new Director Scott Greer, RIO Revolution, plans are in the making for a (Parents Night Out), “Worship Adventure” for children from all denominations across Blount County Friday, July 22nd 6-9PM with fun, food, fellowship, and an opportunity to sing along with other children K-6th Grade, lifting the name of Jesus… and having Big Fun!!! 
Did we mention inflatables!


A drawing will be held with each child’s name placed in a punch bowl, and three winners will each receive a professional recording session, a solo performance, song of their choice, produced by Billy and Dana Arnett for marvellousworks®


The Team of Directors plan to rehearse in late August / early September, and debut the choir at the September 11th Awake21 Quarterly Gathering, (location TBA) with a featured number, and also joining in with the Mass Choir, for a night of unbelievable praise and worship in honor to the King of Glory!

And in January… it’s Awake21!
21 Days 21 Churches 21 Messages
The Awake21 Children’s Choir & Living Lights hope to minister in at least one service per week.There is an excitement building, and you can hear the sound of an abundance of rain.

Lights On!
Billy and Dana Arnett
(606) 271-0503